MAX CLEVER Biography

Max Clever is an entertainer who blends magic, comedy and animals bringing together a creative variety of entertainment. Max blends magic with comedy and, depending on the crowd, delivers humor ranging from risqué to cute. Audiences are always enthralled by Max's diversity of talent.

Max 'Cleverly' Puts a humorous twist to magic that is original and entertaining. (Entertainment Today L.V.)

Clever proves himself true to his name as he involves audience members in his witty banter. (The Times Harold Judy Baca)

The shows guest star is magician/comic Max Clever, who works with a fantastically beautiful Cockatoo. He is quick and deserves to be given the title of guest star. (Show Time L.V.)

Every show has to have a magician, and Max Clever is an excellent choice...He has a way of charming and amusing everyone from youngsters in the audience to older patrons. (Jack Lloyd Atlantic City Enquirer)

The hilarious comedy and magic of Max Clever provides the perfect blend of humor, grace and magic making this natural showman's contribution to 'FLASH' a highlight of the show... (Entertainment P.A.)

The eclectic style of Max Clever has kept him constantly performing in Showrooms, comedy clubs, casinos and convention halls across the country, not to mention his international success. If you would like more information, ask Max, "He's full of it."