"The comedian Max made the show." "We enjoyed the show, Max. Don't tell anybody, but you were the best."
"Saw the Showgirls show. It was fabulous. Max was the greatest super star!" "The showgirls, the singing...and the comedian (Max) was superb...and all done in good taste."
"You're my kind of guy!" "I laughed so hard, I almost wet myself!"
"You're the best. Unparalleled!" "Just what I needed...excellent."
"Makes the Comedy Show look like amateurs..." "...quick on the uptake..."
"I've only got one thing to say, 'You're funny as sh--!'" "Just as good the second time..."
"You need to get a better agent!" "Excellent! Excellent! You made the show...no, you made my day!"
"Amazing personality, you're the best I've ever seen!" "Super duper!"
"You've got a lot of class." "What are you doing here?" (a compliment, we're sure)
"Where have you been hidden? Really fantastic." "You had us crying!" (again, in a complementary way)
"Hilarious! I don't think I ever laughed so hard." "If you can make me laugh, you're goooood!"
"I'm not gay, but...you're the best part of the show!" "Wonderful show! You're a very talented human being. G-- has blessed you."
"Super magnificent." "You're a natural."
"You made my cheek hurt!" (is there anything better?) "You made my trip."
"You have the wit of Don Rickles." "Best Elvis impersonaor I've ever seen!" (referring, of course, Max's dog JoJo as The King)
"You made me laugh so hard, my mascara ran!" "They say 'Laughing is healthy.' After that (Max's performance), I must be the healthiest person in town!"
"You are precious." (an underappreciated fact) "Max, you rock!"
"You're an absolute character!" "I didn't know I could laugh so hard."
"You are a funny f---er!" "You made my face hurt!" (all the best comedy-magicians do...)
"You are the life of the show." "You are crazy!" (like a fox)
"Extremely entertaining..." "Very creative...and great critters too!"
"I feel like I know you!" (followed by a hug--cool, huh?) "You're smooth, a true professional."